About us

About us

We are FST GmbH Filtrations-Separations-Technik (hereafter simply called FST) and are specialised in the field of industrial air and gas treatment, a market segment with an increasing demand for innovative, efficient and cost-effective technical solutions that also safeguard resources and protect the environment.

FST is based in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is focused on the global air and gas treatment market.

FST was established in 2009, right in the middle of a major economic crisis.
"Daring", you might say. We don’t think so.
We are convinced that the success of a company is not primarily determined by the latest news from the financial world, but is exclusively depending on customers and the extent to which they are satisfied with what the company provides and its standard of customer service.

Therefore, we strive to establish long-term and highly cooperative business relationships by ensuring customer satisfaction of local trade partners, OEM customers and end users.

We attach great importance to provide our future and existing customers with competent advice and support. Moreover, we like to continue supporting our customers with services long after they have decided to purchase an FST product. Our service department supports customers all over the world, offering assistance with commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

Our mission is to develop and offer the latest technology, innovative, efficient, reliable as well as user- and service-friendly solutions, by providing engineering and quality you expect from a global company.

We offer a complete range of products for a wide array of applications (see Products). All of our core products have been developed and are produced in-house, while vertical production integration extends down to the raw parts at the bottom – sheet metal, pipes, cast parts and prefabricated blanks. Our relationship with W&Z Rohrsystem-Technik means that, as far as vessel and plant construction are concerned, we have access to every conceivable production process available in the technologies of metal working and welding – whether in steel or stainless steel. In terms of surface treatment, we have our own facilities for the following production processes: sand blasting, wet paint coating and powder coating. If any other types of surface treatment are required (e.g. polishing or other coating methods), our local supply chain provides special treatment to our own exacting standards.

Our extensive vertical production integration, combined with our development and project capabilities, enables us to achieve high levels of flexibility, speed and competitiveness to provide outstanding and innovative customised solutions. Our large stock of materials and finished parts, coupled with our rapid approach to order processing, means that we can achieve above-average lead times.

To achieve these aims, we follow a straightforward, yet highly effective, strategy: "Listen, understand, act". This principle is reinforced by our motto: "We mean what we say – and actually do it".

We follow a transparent information policy and provide detailed information on our products, services and other topics in public on our website.

Further information about FST can be found in our company brochure available in the Download area.

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