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Im Teelbruch 106, 45219 Essen

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Weiherdamm 17, 57520 Netphen-Deuz

We are FST GmbH Filtrations-Separations-Technik (hereafter simply called FST) and are specialized in the area of industrial air and gas treatment, a market segment with an increasing demand for innovative, efficient and cost-effective technical solutions that also safeguard resources and protect the environment.

FST is based in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is focused
on the global air and gas treatment market.

A one-stop shop for compressed air treatment and condensate technology solutions

We offer a complete range of products for a wide array of applications. Our products allow all the compressed air purity classes specified in ISO 8573-1 to be achieved. They can also manage condensate completely, from discharge to treatment. The compressed air purity classes that can be achieved with our standard products range from standard instrument air or technically oil-free compressed air right through to sterile ultra-pure air or medical breathing air. The pressure ranges supported reach from a vacuum through 16 bar up to 350 bar, with flow rates of up to 30,000 m³/h. All our core products have been developed and are produced in-house.

If any other task needs to be accommodated, our project department can offer a solution - whether you need higher flow rates or operating pressures, customer site specific process technologies, approvals or specific materials.

We invest in long-term and cooperative partnerships based on customer satisfaction

Ultimately, business relationships and success are built and maintained by real people. That is why we aim to ensure that our customers do not just remain satisfied with our products, but also with our advice and support, our customer service and, above all, with our employees.

Thus we offer a team of experts with decades of experience and solid track record of having completed countless projects successfully, additionally supported by our engagement in national and international standardization bodies, organizations and research institutions.

What's more, we like to continue supporting our customers with services long after they have decided for FST. Our service department looks after customers all over the world, offering assistance with commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

That’s what FST understands by being customer-focused

The autonomy that we enjoy as a «German Mittelstand manufacturing company» is one of the cornerstones of our ability to make quick decisions and act swiftly in the interests of our customers, partners and the market.

Products need well-thought-out and sophisticated concepts

When developing our products, we pay attention to all kinds of finer details. As a result, we not only offer solutions that are energy-efficient, reliable, user-friendly and easily serviced, but also offer the lowest total-costs of ownership.

The basis for ensuring speed, flexibility and competitiveness

W&Z Rohrsystem-Technik, based in Netphen-Deuz, is the owner of FST. This company specializes in the manufacturing of pipe systems, pressure vessels and complete plants - made of steel or stainless steel. Its production facilities, which cover an area of approximately 6000 m² are divided into separate production lines and can produce plants weighing up to 70 metric tons, feature pipe diameters of up to 4000 mm and pressures of up to 1000 bar - offering many worldwide approvals or approved compliance to standards and directives.

As far as our core products are concerned, vertical production integration thus extends right down to the raw parts at the bottom – sheet metal, pipes, cast parts and prefabricated blanks. We have access to every conceivable production process available in the technologies of metal working and welding. In terms of surface treatment, we have our own facilities for the following production processes: sand blasting, wet paint coating and powder coating. If any other types of surface treatment are required, our local supply chain provides specialist treatment to our own exacting standards.

Our extensive vertical production integration, coupled with our development and project capabilities, enable us to achieve high levels of flexibility, speed and competitiveness to provide outstanding and innovative custom solutions.

If you want to deliver quickly, you need your warehouse to be big enough

In our view, customer service is also about providing things as quickly as possible. This specifically includes the ability to actually deliver our products. That is why we have decided to buck the trend by keeping above average stock levels of raw and finished products.

You can be the best organized company on the planet, but if the desired product does not arrive when the customer needs it, all your efforts will have been in vain.