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Certificate for our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Declaration for the application of FST products in the food sector

Definitions ; VDMA specification 15390-2 ; Declaration of compliance in terms of regulation (EC) no. 1333/2008 and no. 1935/2004

Certificate for the validation of FST breathing air systems DPS..BM according to Pharmacopeia Europaea (medical breathing air)

Declaration on the application of FST products in the paint sector

Definitions ; Declaration of paint compatibility of several standard products ; Results of a full GC/MS-screening for paint-wetting impairment substances

Certificate of validation for sterile filter elements EFSTP with filtration grade STPL (sterile depth filter) and SMPL (sterile membrane filter)

Guideline on sterilisation and disinfection of sterile filter elements

EFST30XN according to ISO 12500-1 (separation of oil aerosols in wet filtration)
EFST30A according to ISO 12500-2 (lifetime of activated carbon filter elements)
EFST30XN according to ISO 12500-3 (separation of solid particles in dry filtration)

The validation occurred as an example for size EFST30 (reference element). For every other size you can find the volume flow factors in the corresponding product data sheets under chapter "Basic data".