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    What is compressed air drying?

    Compressed air drying is an elementary key component of the treatment chain. The task of compressed air drying is to reduce the amount of moisture contained in the compressed air to a defined residual value. At the outlet of a compressor there is 1000 times more moisture in the compressed air compared to the sum of all other contaminants. The compressed air is 100% saturated with water vapor, which means that even the slightest temperature reduction of compressed air on its way to the compressed air consumers causes water condensation and thus the formation of condensate within the compressed air.

Compressed air dryers thoroughly eliminate the moisture and thus produce dry, undersaturated compressed air, in which no further condensation can occur – neither within the compressed air system nor at the compressed air application.

Dryer Types and Pressure Dew-Points

FST offers an almost unlimited product portfolio for compressed air dryers, applying all kinds of drying technologies:

For higher volume flows, operating pressures and larger connections see special engineering.