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Pressure Dew-Point - Booster

Pressure dew-point - BOOSTER of series DTS HPI ...

... are special compressed air after-dryers for pre-dried compressed air
with a pressure dew-point of lower than +10°C and a temperature of up to +50°C.

... lower the pressure dew-point to less than -70°C in a secured way,
independent of the environmental conditions at the place of installation.

... offer a so far unattainable efficiency compared to conventional dryer systems
thanks to their target-oriented and specific conception.

... offer a unique flexibility and easy maintenance by avoiding cold outlets, thus there is no need for a thermal isolation.

  • easy connection to an existing fridge dryer possible
    • for fridge dryers with cold exit, too
    • for fridge dryers with thermal storage mass and thus fluctuating pressure dew-point, too
  • also suited for strongly pre-dried compressed air with pressure dew-points < 0°C
  • also suited for decentral after-drying during central heatless drying
  • independent of environmental conditions | application at locations with humid-warm climate possible without any conditions

  • optional available as a combined plant with fridge dryer
  • smallest heat losses due to heating elements that are mounted directly to vessels
  • regeneration phase that is optimized for consumption
    • no hot exhaust air – neither during heating nor during cooling phase
    • the applied heat is used almost completely without losses for regeneration
  • optimization of procedure due to a controlled adsorption and regeneration phase

  • up to 70% energy saving compared to heatless regenerated adsorption dryers
  • up to 35% energy saving compared to normal heat regenerated adsorption dryers
  • currently the most energy-efficient solution for a planned energy optimization due to the application of a heatless regenerated adsorption dryer with an existing fridge dryer
  • in case of a failure of the fridge dryer, the pressure dew-point booster switches automatically to its BACKUP-Mode and thus provides the complete drying of the compressed air
  • solid and low pressure dew-points thanks to an optimized alignment between desiccant and conditions for regeneration
  • robust and reliable valve technique of the proven DPS series
  • compact and professional industrial heating elements of well-known manufacturers
  • gentle control of heating elements without performance peak
  • safety of power failure of heaters
  • no heat generated and therefore interference-prone controls
  • ...
  • no complete thermal isolation → all elements being subject to maintenance are easily accessible
  • no housing direct access and control possibilities

  • well-known, maintenance-friendly valve series of adsorption dryers DPS 10-100
  • Power supply 230V AC with 16A fuse protection (max. 3,3 kW primarily ohm resistive load)

  • assembly in random position and distance to fridge dryer possible

Pressure vessels MADE IN GERMANY | High quality coatings
Conformity to EU directive 2014/68/EU | Further international certifications
Flow distributors at inlet and outlet | Low dust flow at outlet
Compact valve blocks | C1H control unit with plain text display
and many more …

Maximum operational reliability | Long lifetime
Minimum total operating costs | Easy maintenance

Technical Data
Pressure dew-points at the inlet
< +10°C
Achievable pressure dew-points
< -70°C
Maximal volume flow
150 – 1.000 m³/h
Maximal operating pressure
16 bar
G 1 – G 2
Power supply | Electrical power
230V AC | max. 3,3 kW
Regeneration type

Heating and cooling with purge air