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Membrane Dryer

The scope of application for compressed air dried by membrane dryers are compressed air applications with increased requirements in terms of the degrees of dryness and low compressed air demands (< 50 m³/h), such as measuring technology and test stations. Membrane dryers are only used to dry low volume flows due to their mode of operation and ratings.

Membrane dryers consist of a variety of hollow fiber membranes which only allow water molecules to diffuse through them. Expanded, compressed air from the membrane dryer outlet is led outside the hollow fibers and removes the moisture from the compressed air flowing through the hollow fibers. Pressure dew-points down to -40°C can be achieved by using membrane dryers.

The membrane dryer technology enables small, compact designs and does not require any electricity. Membrane dryers are suitable for continuous operation and are available for small volume flow ranges. The pressure range normally extends to 12 bar.

Maximal volume flow
4,2 – 24 m³/h
Maximal operating pressure
8,5 bar
G ⅛ – G ⅜
Maximal volume flow
3 – 63 m³/h
Maximal operating pressure
12,5 bar
G ¼ – G ½

Every membrane dryer is optionally available with a mounted pre-filter.

Cartridge Point of Use Dryer

Cartridge point of use dryers can dry small amounts of temporarily required compressed air to pressure dew-points down to -40°C. By doing this, they create dry, thoroughly undersaturated compressed air, in which no further condensation takes place and thus no formation of liquid water can occur at compressed air temperatures above the pressure dew-point.

Cartridge point of use dryers are also used when sensitive applications with high requirements in terms of the degree of dryness need to be protected against unexpected moisture appearance (safety level for adsorption dried compressed air).

The optional moisture indicator approximately determines the degree of dryness of the compressed air and thus indicates when the desiccant cartridge needs to be replaced.

Maximal volume flow
0,5 – 4 m³/h
Maximal operating pressure
16 bar
G ½

Cartridge point of use dryers are optionally available with moisture indicator and wall brackets.