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    Service and maintenance

    Service and maintenance of compressed air systems, especially for filters and adsorption dryers, are a fundamental part in industrial maintenance. The aim is to maintain continuously the requested and necessary compressed air purity as well as the efficiency, economical operation and operational reliability during the whole life cycle of the compressed air treatment system.

FST does not only offer the necessary single components for service and maintenance, but a whole service concept – for our own products as well as competitors‘ products – that facilitates service and maintenance for our customers thanks to graded maintenance packages.

The aim of the service concept is to identify the adequate service kit for the corresponding treatment component in an easy way and to assign it to the scheduled maintenance cycle.

The following categories of maintenance packages are available

Maintenance packages for oil/water separators
Dessicant and activated carbon packages
Service Kits
Single Spare Parts
Repair Kits
Upgrade Kits

The maintenance parts included in the service kits are integrating, i.e. only one service kit is needed for a specific maintenance. There is no easier way! Every service kit is suitable for preventative maintenance as well as repairs and general overhaul.

Service kits and maintenance cycles correspond to official specifications by FST and sub-suppliers, respectively. These recommendations are based on our experience, allowing a failure-free operation of the compressed air treatment components - even when used 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

The service concept for adsorption dryers is based on a 48 month total cycle, while there is an interim service every 12 months. Afterwards the complete cycle starts again.

The 12 month service kit usually contains all mechanical spare parts that serve to control the dryer.

The 24 month service kit is already extended containing e.g. spare parts for the main valves.

After 36 months the 12 month service kit is applied again.

The 48 month service kit contains every relevant spare part for a general overhaul as well as all necessary seals for a desiccant change.

In addition, we offer products for

Control technology
Controls for retrofitting
Measuring technology
Measuring devices for retrofitting

An overview of all available maintenance packages and their content can be found in the FST service catalogue.