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Sonderanfertigung eines Adsorptionstrockners aus dem FST-Sonderanlagenbau

Special engineering

At a glance

  • Customised development and construction 
  • Special dimensions and functions
  • Variants for compressed air and technical gases
  • Alternative sources of energy

Special engineering – individual, flexible, produced on-site

What other manufacturers call "special engineering" is a central part of the FST service: minor adjustments such as custom dimensions are normal for us. We specialise in unique. If it becomes more complex, our experts speak with you directly. This way, we understand your requirements in detail and can quickly develop the best possible solution for your company.

Talk to us about your requirements

Whether large dryers, complete systems, custom projects or special materials – our specialists with decades of experience are happy to take on technical challenges. At FST, we are limited only by the laws of physics!

Are you looking for compressed air applications with volume flows, operating pressures, voltages, connections or materials beyond the "norm"? Marine paint, branding, special dimensions? We customise the design and functionality of our products to meet your needs and applications.

Our strengths, your advantage: a complete production solution all under one roof

In our production facilities, we produce systems weighing up to 70 tonnes, with pipe diameters of up to 4,000 mm and for pressures up to 1,000 bar. In addition, FST products are approved according to international standards.

FST customers ask for customised products in the following areas:

  • Metall working
  • Welding
  • Vessel production: Dimensions, material, approvals
  • Surface treatment: Sandblasting, wet painting, powder coating
  • Adaptation of serial products to individual spaces e.g. small vessels for low construction heights
  • Alternative energy sources, e.g. for adsorption dryers.
  • Alternative applications, e.g. technical gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or helium
  • Entire skid systems supplied ready for use, e.g. mobile compressed air systems

Compressed air treatment made to measure – Selected projects

We cannot list them all. At FST, we simply manufacture too many special systems for our customers. However, here are five examples.

Solutions for your needs: Special engineering at FST

At FST we are particularly proud of two things: firstly, we manufacture compressed air systems ourselves, right down to the lowest level of raw materials. Secondly, our employees have extensive expertise in the development of applications for compressed air and technical gases.

The result: individual advice, development, and production within the shortest possible time.

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