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Verschiedene Produkt-Broschüren der Firma FST


We have prepared information materials in various formats for authorised distributors and end customers. They are designed to serve as a reference book and support the configuration and maintenance of compressed air treatment systems.

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Image brochure with product overview

After a brief introduction to our company, interested parties will find an overview of all product areas of FST GmbH in this image brochure. Illustrated sample projects give an impression of which areas of compressed gas and compressed air treatment we cover.

Service catalogue

On the first pages we explain our well thought-out service concept. Above all, our spare parts catalogue serves as a comprehensive reference book: it provides an overview of spare parts such as maintenance packages ("service kits") and high-quality individual spare parts from FST. 

Service technicians in particular appreciate this information material when they service a compressed air system and need accessories or spare parts.

Brochure “Compressed air treatment for distributors”

In addition to an introduction to compressed air treatment, the information brochure "Compressed Air Treatment for distributors" contains important extracts from our product brochures on compressed air filtration, drying, nitrogen generators and condensate technology. With a selection of popular treatment components up to 2,500 m³/h and 16 bar, we show various product benefits and technical data.

This brochure is intended to help distributors to familiarise customers with the entire product range and all services offered by FST.

Brochure “Compressed air filtration”

In this brochure for compressed air filtration, we introduce to our customers different filter series, their design and their respective advantages. In addition to an overview of different types of compressed air filtration, the brochure also contains suitable accessories for filters, as well as the technical data of our most important compressed air filters.

Brochure “Compressed air drying”

The brochure about the compressed air dryers product area provides our customers an overview of all four types of drying and compressed air dryers that FST offers. In addition to suitable accessories, customers will find valuable information on all aspects of compressed air drying.

Brochure “Nitrogen generators”

In our brochure for nitrogen generators, our customers will find information on our two nitrogen generators series GNA and GNM: examples of use, advantages and modes of operation. Interested parties will gain a first insight into the high-purity results of the cost-effective pressure swing adsorption.

Brochure “Condensate treatment”

In our brochure for condensate technology we inform customers about condensate systems, such as condensate drains or oil-water separators, including their purpose, mode of operation, example products and advantages.

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