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Blau lackierter Druckluftkühler der Firma FST mit Luftkühlung

Compressed air aftercoolers

At a glance

  • Reduce liquids in compressed air
  • Compressed air cooling with and without cooling water
  • Compact and space saving
  • Reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO)

Compressed air aftercooler – effective and environmentally friendly

Compressed air cooling is used wherever the compressed air temperature is too high after compression. For example, if no compressed air cooler is integrated in the compressor, or if the existing cooling is not sufficient.

Aftercoolers are particularly useful when the subsequent treatment processes require lower compressed air temperatures: pinpoint cooling reduces the moisture content in the compressed air, increases the efficiency of the entire system and thus reduces compressed air and energy costs.

Particularly economical: by using compressed air coolers, it is possible to choose smaller compressed air dryers. This reduces the overall costs for operating the system.

Our products

Our air-cooled or water-cooled FST compressed air aftercooler of the HAO-RA and HWO-A series produces stable cooling results and high energy-saving potential – for many years.

Special compressed air coolers? We manufacture them for you!

We admit: 95 % of the compressed air coolers we manufacture are in the HAO-RA and HWO-A range.

However, at FST we also manufacture "special" water-cooled aftercoolers for individual applications on request. An example of this are heat exchangers with drawable tubes, which are built for use with industrial water from rivers. Here it is easy to open the cooler and clean the tube bundles. We also manufacture water-cooled aftercoolers in other materials such as stainless steel, copper or steel.

Find out about various options in the area of special engineering or contact our experts and let us advise you individually.

3 advantages of FST aftercoolers


Effective upgrade solution at higher ambient temperatures

If the outside temperatures rise in summer, the compressed air temperatures also climb. With an additional aftercooler from FST, you can continue to operate existing systems that would otherwise have become too small. A retrofit solution that is as cost-efficient as it is practical.


Wide selection for different purposes

Our wide range includes aftercoolers for the most common application scenarios - air-cooled, water-cooled or pneumatically operated. Your applications deviate from the standard? At our headquarters in Netphen-Deutz, we manufacture individual compressed air coolers made of stainless steel as part of our special engineering.


Efficient separation

Our aftercoolers separate all essential liquid components from the compressed air without any losses – and thus particularly efficiently. Whether cooled with water or air, both types of cooling lower the compressed air temperature. In this way, the compressed air becomes supersaturated and eliminates moisture via condensation.

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