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Grün lackierter Druckluft-Adsorptionstrockner der Firma FST

Adsorption dryers

At a glance

  • Extremely dry – pressure dewpoints as low as -70°C
  • Heatless  & heat regenerated adsorption dryer
  • Suitable for low ambient temperatures
  • For central and decentral applications

Our products

Each of our high-quality adsorption dryers can achieve extremely low pressure dew points under difficult ambient conditions – even with large volume flows. At FST we manufacture a total of four series of heatless regenerated dryers and a large variety of heat regenerated dryers – of course, with pressure vessels made in Germany.

Their performance is particularly appreciated in compressed air applications with high demands on the degree of drying. Available in different sizes, these high performance compressed air dryers are suitable for central and decentral applications. 

Customers from the food, electronics, pharmaceutical or chemical industries, as well as from measurement and process engineering use our adsorption dryers for their air processing applications.

Heatless regenerated adsorption dryers

Compressed air drying in nonstop operation? No problem for our range of heatless regenerated adsorption dryers. Reliable and efficient they remove moisture from compressed air and – depending on the configuration – achieve pressure dewpoints as low as -70°C. As high quality allrounders, our compressed air dryers are available for most volume flow and pressure ranges. By the way: our customers have been able to reduce their operating costs significantly, thanks to the low purge air demand and differential pressure.

Heat regenerated adsorption dryer

Thanks to our broad series of heat regenerated dryers, compressed air drying of our customers is much more economical. Depending on the performance requirements, we provide different regeneration processes. In this way, we can respond individually to requests for all volume flows.

Our optional closed loop systems (zero-purge) are particularly popular, 

  • if extremely low pressure dewpoints are required, e.g. for the semicon industry, or for applications with high ambient temperatures.
  • in regions with higher ambient temperature and humidity, e.g. subtropical countries or Mediterranean region.

Adsorption dryers with higher volume flows or higher operating pressures can be found in the special engineering section.

For a specific selection and design of heat regenerated adsorption dryers, please contact our technical support team.

Which adsorption dryer is the right one?

For our authorised distributors, we offer a practical design tool for adsorption dryers. You can use it to determine the right FST adsorption dryer for your application. Simply enter your operating parameters into our sizing tool - and calculate the recommended dryer size in a flash.

Why choose adsorption dryers from FST? 6 important facts:


High energy efficiency

Compressed air is energy. That is why most of FST's heat-regenerated adsorption dryers use very long drying cycles. Here, the regenerated vessel goes into stand-by mode after pressurisation, which massively reduces the overall energy consumption of the dryer. Due to the low regeneration temperature, FST dryers also use up to 33% less energy during regeneration. The result is significantly reduced total operating costs.


Above average service life

At FST, we exclusively work with robust, high-capacity and sharp-drying silica gel desiccants. Compared to competitive products with other, cheaper desiccants, low heating temperatures are required for the regeneration of silica gel. Silica gel also provides a long service life of over 5 years on average.


Reduced maintenance costs

When manufacturing our adsorption dryers, we pay attention to quality: Long-life desiccants can be used for more than 5 years before replacement is necessary. Depending on the operating conditions, the maintenance intervals can be significantly longer. All wearing parts installed in the compressed air dryer are easily accessible and can be quickly replaced by so-called service kits from FST.


Pressure vessels MADE IN GERMANY

Our high-quality pressure vessels are designed, manufactured and tested in Germany according to recognised regulations. In accordance with the current state of the art, they are made with high-quality multiple coatings on the inside and outside as well as with galvanised piping and sandblasting according to SA2.5 (ISO 8501). FST dryers guarantee pressure vessels that comply with regulations, a high level of operational safety and a long service life.


International approvals

As one of the few adsorption dryer manufacturers, FST has conformity and certifications with almost all relevant directives and standards worldwide.

In addition to the approval according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED), FST complies with international approvals such as ASME VIII Div.1, ASME-U-Stamp, GOST, China Stamp, AS1210, DNV (Det Norske Veritas) or Germanischer Lloyd. This means that FST adsorption dryers can be used internationally.


Comprehensive standard equipment

We equip our adsorption dryers with many smart details as standard: for example, high-quality coatings, desiccants, and vessels or flow distributors at the inlet and outlet. Especially innovative is our microprocessor control with extensive displays and plain text display.

In addition, all FST dryers with welded vessels incorporate a stainless steel wedge at the bottom. In this way, the compressed air flows evenly through the vessel and prevents moisture nests in the desiccant.

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