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Druckluft-Wasserabscheider bzw. Zyklonabscheider der Baureihe FWS von FST in Essen

Water separators for compressed air

At a glance

  • Separate approx. 90 % of all liquid contents
  • Up to 99.9 % less solid particles over 100 µ
  • Durable and particularly high quality
  • Short delivery times

Compressed air water separators – Sturdy and always available

Water separators – also called cyclone separators, centrifugal separators or demisters - are the first stage in the treatment of compressed air and technical gases. Employed directly downstream of the compressed air compressor, they separate the majority of the compressed air condensate. They also reliably remove coarse impurities and thus protect the entire compressed air system.

Due to their high quality, compressed air-water separators from FST are used in every type of compressed air application: in central purification with large volume flows as well as in small installations with low compressed air requirements. FST customers appreciate that our cyclone separators are not only particularly durable in operation. Thanks to our high, in-house production capacity, they know they can rely on fast delivery times.

Our solutions

FST offers water separators in four pressure levels: up to 16 bar, 50 bar, 100 bar or 350 bar. All FST cyclone separators separate about 90 % of the liquids in the first step. In this way, they reduce the differential pressure, relieve downstream filters, and ensure longer life cycles for all downstream treatment components.


You would like to buy a cyclone separator, but your company requires higher volume flows, other voltages or operating pressures? Our experts will answer your questions about our compressed air/water separators and provide you with comprehensive advice. If you have special pressure requirements, our special engineering area will find a solution.


Cyclone separator – design & function


Our compressed air purification specialists provide information on the design and operating principle of cyclone separators:



Usually, a water separator consists of a compressed air filter housing and a cyclone insert (instead of a filter element).


The filter housing is either made of aluminum or steel or – in the high-pressure range –  turned from moulded steel. Depending on the model, the piping is either screwed to the cyclone separator via threads, flanged or welded to it.



The cyclone insert consists of a robust stainless steel cyclone ring with end cap in the head area and a stainless steel rebound plate in the base area.


Working principle

As soon as compressed air enters the housing of the water separator, the cyclone insert gives it a spin. 

This creates centrifugal forces that force liquid and solid components in the compressed air against the inner wall of the casing ("cyclone centrifugal separator").

Subsequently, gravity ensures that liquid and larger particles collect at the bottom of the housing.

These are separated via a condensate drain.

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