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Nitrogen generators

At a glance

  • Cost-effective nitrogen source
  • Independent from bottlenecks in supply
  • Meets nitrogen requirements precisely

Nitrogen generation – economical and reliable

Buying in nitrogen is expensive and can be associated with supply bottlenecks. The solution: an on-site nitrogen generator. As a safe and cost-effective alternative to nitrogen cylinders or tanks, it extracts the nitrogen from the compressed air – and stores it in a reservoir. This guarantees that there is always enough N2 available when needed.

Industrial companies with laser cutting sysems, food manufacturers with special packaging requirements (e.g. modified atmosphere packaging) or laboratories, in particular choose a nitrogen generator from FST. In other words, companies where purity and availability of nitrogen are important in daily business.

Practical: By producing their own nitrogen, our customers save on the personnel costs involved in purchasing and loading nitrogen cylinders externally.

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Our products

FST offers three highly effecient nitrogen generator series for different applications.

You need higher volume flows, operating pressures or other voltages? Before you buy a nitrogen generator, our technical support experts will be happy to advise you personally.


Why Nitrogen generators from FST?


Better air factor – lower operating costs

Compared to the competition, our nitrogen generators work with a better air factor at the same purity. As a rule, this reduces the operating costs and they achieve higher economic efficiency.


Short delivery times


Due to our high in-house production depths, we usually deliver within 6 weeks only. Other nitrogen generator manufacturers have average delivery times of 3-6 months, sometimes even longer.


High reliability


As an experienced manufacturer of nitrogen generators, we work exclusively with high-quality components. Due to our proven technology, FST systems are extremely maintenance-friendly. This enables us to provide our customers with long production periods.


Cost effective


Demand-oriented nitrogen quantities on site mean: no expensive cylinder bundles or liquid nitrogen, no price fluctuations. This makes it easier to calculate the nitrogen costs incurred. Since compressed air is already available as an output medium in many operations, you can simply retrofit a nitrogen generator at low cost.


Flexible N2-quantities

Flexible N2-Mengen

With a nitrogen generator, you have exactly as much nitrogen available as you need at any time. Our experts calculate your desired delivery volumes and purities - and adjust the volume flow exactly to your requirements when planning the system.


Logistics? Straight forward!


Stop the logistical challenges: By generating nitrogen on site as needed, you have access to the required quantity of N2 in the required quality at any time. Without the complicated storage of nitrogen cylinders, on demand and with absolute precision. As a result, your company runs independently of supply bottlenecks and other economic factors.

Nitrogen generator – methods & working principle


FST produces high-quality nitrogen generators that generate N2 by two different processes: on the one side membrane generators (FST series GNM) with a purity of 99.5 %, on the other side pressure swing adsorption generators (FST series GNA) with purities of up to 99.9995 %. Both are suitable for reliable and stable on-site N2 production.


  1. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA)

    With short regeneration and adsorption cycles of 90 seconds each, the Pressure Swing mode of operation is more energy-efficient than comparable membrane generators - with the same purity. They achieve significantly higher volume flows and nitrogen purities. In terms of maintenance, they are often cheaper than the competition. However, PSA generators take up more space and are heavier.

  2. Membrane technology

    With membrane nitrogen generators, there are no load swings. Thus, there is no interruption of the nitrogen supply. The result: a continuously uniform volume flow. This mode of operation is also convincing due to lower acquisition costs with low maintenance requirements.

    Membrane generators are quiet, space-saving, light and virtually maintenance-free. They are especially convincing in nitrogen generation at higher temperatures and volume flow up to +65°C. Membrane generators are particularly suitable for low volume flows and purities.

How nitrogen generators function

GNA nitrogen generators work according to the pressure swing principle. In this process, incoming compressed air is fed via a pre-filter into one of the two vessels. Both are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). The oxygen is adsorbed from the compressed air, leaving pure nitrogen.

During regeneration of the CMS, part of the nitrogen produced is taken from the generator outlet, expanded to ambient pressure and passed through the vessel to be regenerated. The expanded and extremely dry nitrogen (pressure dew point < -49°C) extracts the stored oxygen from the activated carbon and releases it into the ambient air via a silencer.

Typical applications: industry, food industry, laboratory


Laser cutting systems for automotive, precision mechanics & semiconductor industries

One important use for nitrogen generation is with laser cutting equipment. When metal is cut by laser, and should not come into contact with oxygen, companies use nitrogen. This prevents the corrosion and oxidation of materials such as iron, steel or stainless steel.

Our industrial customers use FST nitrogen generators for material processing in the high-tech segment as well as in mass production, prototype construction, for cutting composite parts and for manufacturing small metal components, among other things.


Packaging in food industry

Our generators are also frequently used in the food industry. Nitrogen prevents fruit and vegetables from ageing and is used for controlled ripening. Nitrogen is also useful for preserving meat, especially if a special atmosphere (modified atmosphere packaging) is to be used in the packaging.



Many of our laboratory customers use FST nitrogen generators as a fire protection measure during experiments. They often also use their nitrogen generator to create a specific atmosphere for sensitive measuring equipment. It also serves as a separating agent to keep two different substances apart.

As a rule, our GNM nitrogen generator is best suited for laboratories. With purities of up to 99.5 %, it delivers constant, low volume flows, operates silently and is extremely low-maintenance.


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