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Druckluft-Booster der Baureihe DTS HPI von FST

Dew point booster

At a glance

  • For pre-dried compressed air with pressure dew point < +10°C and temperature up to +50°C
  • Lowers pressure dew point to < -70°C
  • Worldwide operation, independent of ambient conditions
  • Particularly economical

Our dew point booster DTS HPI – performance under pressure

Efficient compressed air drying of small and medium volume flows to very low pressure dew points – especially with pre-dried compressed air – is always a challenge. The solution is a dew point booster.

Dew point booster DTS HPI

Abbildung von FST-Druckluft-Booster DTS HPS

Our dew point boosters of the DTS HPI series are post-dryers based on heat-regenerated adsorption dryers. They boost already pre-dried compressed air to a lower pressure dew point of below -70°C. Overall, dew point boosters are a smart solution for drying to very low pressure dew points with very low energy and purge air requirements.

The DTS HPI can also be used in addition to a compressor with an integrated refrigeration dryer.

Pressure dewpoint at inlet

< +10°C

Achievable pressure dewpoint

< -70°C

Nom. volume flow

150–1.000 m³/h

Max. operating pressure

16 bar




230 V AC

Max. power consumption

3,3 kW

Particles: class 2
Humidity: class 1-3
Total oil content: class 1

Six advantages of a dew point booster


Unrivalled energy efficiency

Up to 70 % energy savings compared to heatless regenerated adsorption dryers and up to 35 % less energy consumption than conventional heat regenerated adsorption dryers

Currently, dew point boosters of the DTS HPI series from FST are the most efficient solution on the market if your company is planning energy optimisation.


Compared to conventional dryer systems, FST boosters provide:

  • Minimum heat losses: heating elements are mounted directly on the vessels
  • Consumption-optimised regeneration phases: heat used is utilised almost free of losses
  • Energy-optimised drying process: controlled adsorption and regeneration phase

This way, our booster system saves energy and contributes to the enhanced profitability of your business.


Flexible in application

Simply connect to an existing refrigeration dryer and increase performance.

Our dew point boosters work:

  • In conjunction with a refrigeration dryer on a compressed air skid
  • As a supplement to an existing refrigeration dryer
  • As a supplement to a compressor with integrated refrigeration dryer
  • With refrigeration dryers without cold outlet 
  • With refrigeration dryers with thermal mass storage and a fluctuating pressure dew point.

In addition, the DTS HPI is suitable for heavily pre-dried compressed air with pressure dew points < 0°C, as well as for decentralised post-drying with central refrigeration drying. Our booster is suitable for use independent of ambient conditions. Compressed air drying in a warm and humid climate is also possible without any restrictions.

Optionally, our booster is also available as a combined system with refrigeration dryer.


Reliable performance

If your refrigeration dryer fails and no pre-dried compressed air is available, the dew point booster automatically switches to the back-up mode. Like a heatless adsorption dryer, it takes over the complete drying of the compressed air. In this way, stable pressure dew points are guaranteed and all production processes are safeguarded in the event of a malfunction.
Operational safety is also ensured in the DTS HPI: We do not install any hot-operated and thus failure-prone fittings in the dew point booster. In addition, as a globally certified compressed air dryer manufacturer, we guarantee the safety of the heaters in the event of power failure.


Long-term functionality

We use low-maintenance and durable components. In this way, we maximise the life and runtime of our products and reduce maintenance work.

To achieve this, we pull numerous levers for each dew point booster by:

  • Individually optimising desiccant and regeneration conditions.
  • Using only robust valve technology from the proven DPS series.
  • Installing compact and professional industrial heating elements from renowned manufacturers.
  • Controlling heating elements gently without power peaks.

In this way, we achieve long-term stable and low pressure dew points with each of our boosters.



Easy to maintain

FST boosters are known for their maintenance-friendly design and the easy procurement of all components:

  • All maintenance-relevant elements are freely accessible because our designers deliberately avoid complete thermal insulation.
  • Direct access for inspection without a cabinet.
  • We use hardwearing parts such as the maintenance-friendly valve series of the adsorption dryers DPS10-DPS100
  • Intelligent maintenance packages - service kits - contain all the individual components required for maintenance and servicing, as part of a comprehensive service concept. This applies to our own products, and those from other manufacturers.


Easy to install

Due to their versatility, dew point boosters of the DTS HPI series can be installed in any position and distance from the refrigeration dryer. A standard 230 V AC power supply with 16 A fuse protection (max. 3.3 kW primary ohmic load) makes it easy to operate worldwide according to the motto "Plug & Play".

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