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Verschiedene Membrantrockner für Druckluft von FST

Membrane dryers

At a glance

  • Extremely dry compressed air: Pressure dewpoints up to -40°C
  • Available for volume flows < 63 m³/h
  • Suitable for continuous operation

Compressed air membrane dryers - precise and economical

Membrane dryers are point of use dryers: They are used whenever compressed air is to be specifically treated at the point of use. In decentralised treatment, these dryers lower the pressure dew point as required. And they do so as required for the respective application - no more and no less.

With this type of compressed air drying, companies save measurable costs in the form of energy and compressed air. This is because these compressed air dryers do not require any additional electrical energy to perform reliably. Accordingly, they are often employed at the point of use, and in areas where no power supply can be guaranteed.

Our products

Our reliable compressed air membrane dryers DM-SWC and DM-FP are suitable for continuous operation. They are also available for low volume flows < 50 m³/h; their pressure range is up to 12.5 bar. Customers use FST dryers in laboratories, in measurement technology, or even in printing machines. In short, all applications where no residual moisture from the compressed air network may be present.

Both membrane dryer series from FST are suitable for a wide range of application (also available with attached pre-filter on request).

Membrane dryers & their mode of operation

Compressed air membrane dryers consist of a large number of fine hollow fibre membranes. These membranes only allow water molecules to pass through ("diffuse").

During the drying process, expanded compressed air is taken from the outlet of the dryer and directed to the outside of the hollow fibres. There it extracts the moisture from the compressed air flowing in the hollow fibres.

With our dryers, FST customers achieve impressive pressure dew points of up to -40°C when processing compressed air.

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