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Kondensatableiter für Druckluft aus der FST-Baureihe CDE-L

Condensate drains for compressed air systems

At a glance

  • Highly effective condensate discharge
  • No loss of compressed air 
  • Automatic level & time controlled (with alarm function)

Compressed air condensate drains

When compressed air is treated and distributed, condensate is produced at various points in the system. This occurs in the compressor, during filtration and drying. To prevent it from entering the compressed air line, condensate drains collect the polluted and environmentally harmful liquid. Accordingly, condensate drains have a major influence on compressed air quality and energy costs.

Our products

Condensate drains from FST keep energy consumption and costs as low as possible. Whether electronic, automatic, time-controlled or manual, FST sells condensate drain types for different compressed air applications and performance ranges. Condensate drainage is safe and efficient.

Are you looking for a condensate drain made of stainless steel, for higher operating pressures or with different connections? Before deciding on a condensate drain for compressed air treatment, our experts will be happy to advise you personally.


Working principle of condensate drains for compressed air systems

Different types of condensate drains have different functions. Below, we explain the function of the automatic condensate drain CDF140, and the electronic condensate drain CDE-L.


How an automatic condensate drain works

With the automatic condensate drain of the FST series CDF140, a float rises or sinks depending on the level in the condensate collection chamber. This opens or closes a mechanical drain valve. This way, the condensate is drained off.


Advantages & features

As an automatic condensate drain for compressed air, the CDF140 does not require electricity.  Large cross-sections prevent blockages due to particle accumulation and reduce turbulence of the condensate.


How an electronic condensate drain works

With the CDE-L electronic condensate drain, the mode of operation is different.

This advanced condensate separator is connected to the condensate outlets of the pressurised housing from the outside. The condensate flows into a stainless steel collection chamber where it is stored. An electronically controlled sensor then monitors the level and activates the drain valve at a predetermined level. The condensate then flows off.

As soon as the sensor at the bottom of the collection chamber no longer detects any liquid, the valve closes – without releasing valuable compressed air into the environment.

Advantages & features

Regardless of whether the condensate consists of oil or water, no calibration of the level sensor is necessary. In case of error messages, the innovative system emits an alarm – in some models even under dry contact. In addition, an integrated dirt sieve prevents blockages.


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