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Oil vapor activated carbon adsorbers

At a glance

  • Highly efficient adsorption with residual oil content ≤ 0.003 ppm
  • Compatible with most FST adsorption dryers
  • Long service life due to high-quality activated carbon pellets
  • Oil indicator included as standard

Oil vapor activated carbon adsorber for oil-free compressed air

With the use of activated carbon pellets, our highly efficient oil vapor activated carbon adsorbers bind the oil vapor in the compressed air. In this way, they ensure high compressed air quality with minimal residual oil contents of class 0 or 1 according to ISO 8573-1. In short, they make compressed air oil-free.

Our customers in the food technology, chemical and pharmaceutical industries use oil vapor activated carbon adsorption to remove a wide range of hydrocarbons, odors, and flavors.

For many years, we have sourced consistently high-quality activated carbon in bulk, exclusively from selected suppliers. We know from experience that carbon quality makes the decisive difference in compressed air quality and process reliability.

Our products

FST offers an almost unlimited product portfolio in the field of oil vapor activated carbon adsorption for individual applications and needs. Each of our oil vapor activated carbon adsorbers is equipped with an oil test indicator as standard.

To operate an oil vapor activated carbon adsorber, dried compressed air with a pressure dew point of at least +3°C is required. This applies to all compressed air applications, as humidity reduces the absorption capacity of the activated carbon.

Oil vapor activated carbon adsorbers with higher volume flows, operating pressures, larger connections, or stainless steel designs can be found in the special engineering section.


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